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Low Intensity Intervention Education. The instructing prevent will involve combining classes, collection workout routines and role-plays and practical tests

Low Intensity Intervention Education. The instructing prevent will involve combining classes, collection workout routines and role-plays and practical tests

Low-intensity Input for Teens Program

Attention HK and MIND-SET tend to be pleased to broadcast its conventional training program on low-intensity treatments for children using an Acceptance and engagement treatment (ACT) framework. Upon achievement of this tuition, students will keep the abilities to grant guided self-help on the basis of the rules of operate to children facing mild to slight psychological challenges in Hong Kong.

Key facts

System Times:

April 2022 – January 2023


2.5 days (fulltime) of course and classes in April 2021 9 season setting (3 nights each week) from April 2022 until January 2023

Product Dates:

All applicants opened: sunday 7 Summer 2021 near: saturday 8 April 2021 Interviews normally takes invest Autumn 2021.

Instruction Venue:


Remember to go over all specifics and our FAQs before you apply thereby applying via this type.

Entrance demands

System Advancement

Jardine Matheson, OUTLOOK, Hongkong terrain ROOM ACCOUNT and HKEX Foundation have moneyed brain HK to launch this program. Using a type very similar to the UK’s child and offspring Person’s developing the means to access physiological treatments (CYP-IAPT) action, the plan will prepare a whole new cohort of experts to cooperate with young people (outdated between 12 and 24) going through gentle to slight emotional stress using a low-intensity, manualised intervention using the theory of ACT. This training and also the similar reports will be executed in venture with King’s college or university newcastle and Hong-Kong Baptist institution.

Training Type and Test

Students will have 2.5 months of intensive schooling in April 2021, with a 9-month contact.


The instructing neighborhood calls for a mixture of lectures, people training and role-plays and practical examination.

Segments protected would include:

  • Introduction to mental health/mental health in Hong Kong
  • Guidance methods
  • Medical chances procedures
  • Overview of Recognition and Contract Therapies
  • Delivering the ACT-based manualised input

Trainees will have a functional appraisal at the end of the schooling prevent.


Following your practise neighborhood is complete, each student will commence prepare at a school or people organization. During each 9-month prolonged setting, trainees will give you the intervention to young adults 3 days weekly, witnessing at the least 3 young people every single day. Both guidance and location is organized by idea HK.

Superiors will likely be accountable for keeping track of trainee’s discovering and growth and make certain that students conduct safe, efficient practice as part of the role, following the manualised intervention.

Upon achievement of this setting, and reliant on meeting arranged expectations (as evaluated by their superiors), students would be entitled to move into a long-lasting role via 2 trails:

  1. Eligible variety firms can select to hire trainees in lasting duties when they have completely finished their own position. They shall be obliged to offer you each of their treatments for inexpensive or free of cost therapies.
  2. In substitute, or besides, they may in addition prefer meddle desktop to offer their services privately settings. The rates for this can be topped to be sure the tool object reasonably priced, depending on the purpose of this programme – to produce mental treatments better available to those in want.

For additional information about this plan, kindly determine below for the system FAQs.


For those who have any doubt towards training courses program, kindly send usa at [email safe] and rehearse the subject range “Mind HK Low-Intensity Interventions for teenagers practise Course“.

Just what is the low-intensity Interventions for our youth course?

The training program will offer students with a foundational perception of low-intensity psychological interventions for youngsters. It wishes to improve access to psychological state care and attention and support for youth (previous 12-24) in Hong Kong, through coaching men and women to promote low-intensity, manualised and instructed self-help treatments determined by Approval and desire Therapy (ACT).

What is manualised intervention?

Manualised function has been trusted to give assistance to those people with mild to slight psychological state trouble.

Manualised interventions create using through a standardised protocol with each and every clients. Psychological state service staff members will help consumers through a booklet concerning different segments concentrating on alterations in numerous mental operations.

Even though input ought to be mostly standardised per each client, psychological support employees will a little personalize the intervention to business’ offering difficulty and special features. The setting of treatment method in line with the guided self-help design put in place in main care and attention services far away.

What is Increasing having access to mental solutions (IAPT)?

IAPT was a plan in The uk, started because of the domestic wellness Service (NHS) in 2008, to increase the volume of grownups (old 16+) capable of access evidence-based treatment for nervousness and anxiety.

In 2014, a version of IAPT geared towards little ones and kids called the CYP-IAPT system (family and immature individual’ Improving the means to access mental treatments) would be set. CYP-IAPT was actually implemented to boost the availability of indications built chatting therapy for children and children encountering psychological state problems.

Both programmes tends to be characterised by offering explanation based manualised directed self-help treatments, delivering an additional website, to reduce the responsibility on established mental health service, through on moderate problems and focussing on early intervention and try to deal with psychological difficulties within their early stages before they might grow into much more serious problems.

Precisely why is the programme developed?

The programme was developed using purpose of instruction more therapists to deliver premium treatments within a somewhat short-time frame.

Internationally, 75% of psychological difficulty develop ahead of the period of 24 and 50per cent become developed from the chronilogical age of 14 (business overall health group). Without intervention, stress and despression symptoms are inclined to endure up.

In a more neighborhood situation, explanation about psychological state issues among teens in Hong-Kong is bound, but it’s thought that between 6.9percent and 1.3percent adolescents have actually diagnosable stress and depressive disorders, correspondingly (Leung ainsi, al. 2008). You will find prolonged waitlists or insufficient arrangement for anyone suffering from gentle to moderate troubles. Without intervention, gentle to moderate difficulties may be worse.

Hopefully that by coaching more workers, we could create first treatments to teens and improve entry to support.

Who are your panels contributor?

MINDSET (Jardine Matheson Group’s non-profit charity), Hongkong Land HOUSE INVESTMENT & HKEX Foundation.

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